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Always amazing, never a disappointment!

(Mary F., 2,161 days ago)

Had my first massage on Monday. AWESOME! The best massage ever! Will def be back!!

(Linda S., 2,193 days ago)

I was on vacation from Ohio, when my fibromyalgia flared its ugly head. After seeing an ad in the local paper, I contacted Heather for an appointment. She gave me the rejuvination that i neeed. I would highly reccomend her. Thanks Heather Rosemary Watson R.N.

(Rosemary W., 2,661 days ago)

I had my first massage with Heather today, better than any other I have had. She worked on my lower back it was wonderful. I will return. Cynthia B

(Cynthia B., 2,793 days ago)

Heather does a great job. she takes interest in your "target" areas of concern and discomfort and get's you back in line. I recommend regular massage to everyone. Your stiffness and pains will be a thing of your past. Tim W.

(Tim W., 3,373 days ago)

I have been going to Heather for about 3 years. I use to have a lot of aches in pains from work and working out. Now they are all gone, Im hooked I go every other week!! Clayton

(Clayton F., 3,501 days ago)

I have had massages with several other therapists in the past, but nothing compares to the work that Heather does. I have M.S., so I live with quite a bit of pain every day. After my sessions with Heather, I stay pain free for days! She understands what I need and is very sensitive to the everyday changes to my body. I couldn't have asked for a better therapist!

(Michelle R., 3,503 days ago)

Heather's strength as a massage therapist is not only in her skill but in her sensitify to the needs of her clients -- whether back, neck, shoulders, lower back, legs, feet -- she understands the "needed touch." I always experience the health benefits of my regular massage, and can't do without it!

(Barbara S., 3,505 days ago)

Was the worst experience ever. Bought a couples massage gift certificate for 140.00 for 1 hour and when I called to make an appointment I was told by Heather(the owner of this business) that she cannot do couples massages because she doesn't have anyone else to do them with her and we would have to do the couples massages on two different times and not together? What's the point of a couples massage and why would you sell couples massage Clift certificates if you can't honor them? Also we had a family emergency and had to reschedule and her answer service not her called me back and said we were a no call no show so we lost our 140.00 because that means you can't reschedule because she will no longer honor the gift certificate. Voted Bangors best massage business? I don't think so

(Anonymous, 402 days ago)

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