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30-90 Days ago

Heather is amazing.

(Angel C., 87 days ago)

Was the worst experience ever. Bought a couples massage gift certificate for 140.00 for 1 hour and when I called to make an appointment I was told by Heather(the owner of this business) that she cannot do couples massages because she doesn't have anyone else to do them with her and we would have to do the couples massages on two different times and not together? What's the point of a couples massage and why would you sell couples massage Clift certificates if you can't honor them? Also we had a family emergency and had to reschedule and her answer service not her called me back and said we were a no call no show so we lost our 140.00 because that means you can't reschedule because she will no longer honor the gift certificate. Voted Bangors best massage business? I don't think so

(Anonymous, 77 days ago)

Older reviews

Always a pleasure doing business with you!

(Joshua T., 396 days ago)

worth every penny

(Theodore B., 508 days ago)

worth every penny

(Theodore B., 508 days ago)

Worth every penny

(Theodore B., 760 days ago)

Heather relieved my wifes back pain where doctors and medication had failed! Thank you for making her feel so much better. John

(Natalie K., 1,058 days ago)

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at The Kneaded Touch. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming. It was easy to relax. I enjoyed the scented oils that Heather used and she did a wonderful job with the massage.

(Amanda M., 1,140 days ago)

I love to shop around using coupons and deals, but I always end up back with Heather! Whether I go for a pampering or for therapeutic healing, Heather always has just the right touch!

(Anne E., 1,266 days ago)

I have fibromyalgia. Heather has been a true miracle for me! I only wish that I could see her much, much more often. She is the best!! I have had massages elsewhere...no comparison!

(Linda S., 1,490 days ago)

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